The Parish Council meets at least six times a year, holding alternate meetings in the Parish Village Hall at Northend or at the Conference room at the Bull and Butcher pub in Turville.

The Annual Parish Meeting is held in May. All Parish Council meetings are open to the public with a Question and Answer session prior to matters on the Agenda. Minutes of meetings and agendas are published on the website and placed on the five notice-boards within the Parish.


NamePositionPhone NumberDeclarations of Personal Interest
Alice NutggensChair01491 638700Declaration of Personal Interests (PDF)
Gina WessellsDeclaration of Personal Interests (PDF)
Hector SantsVice-chair01491 638994Declaration of Personal Interests (PDF)
Deborah Abbott01491 639558Declaration of Personal Interests (PDF)
Sophie ChambersDeclaration of Personal Interests (PDF)


Lorna Coldwell01494 881483