Upcoming Meetings

DateMeeting TypeVenue
8th January 2020ParishNorthend Village Hall, Northend
11th March 2020ParishBull and Butcher, Turville
13th May 2020Annual & ParishNorthend Village Hall, Northend
8th July 2020ParishBull and Butcher, Turville
9th September 2020ParishNorthend Village Hall, Northend
11th November 2020ParishBull and Butcher, Turville

Held Meetings

DateMeeting TypeDocuments
13th November 2019ParishMinutes
11th September 2019ParishMinutes
10th July 2019ParishMinutes
8th May 2019Annual & ParishMinutes
13th March 2019ParishMinutes
14th Nov 2018ParishMinutes
12th Sept 2018ParishMinutes
11th July 2018ParishMinutes
9th May 2018Annual & ParishMinutes
14th March 2018ParishMinutes
10th Jan 2018ParishMinutes