Buckinghamshire Council

Turville is part of the Chiltern Villages ward of Buckinghamshire Council. Its councillors
Mark Turner
Dominic Barnes
Zahir Mohammed

The main activities affecting Turville residents dealt with by Buckinghamshire Council are planning, waste disposal and recycling.

For information linked to your property, including dates of waste and recycling collections, local planning applications, and schools and catchment areas, visit MyWycombe.


Planning applications

Buckinghamshire Council is the planning authority. It issues guidance on submitting planning applications and provide pre-application advice (the parish council does not give such advice). It is expected that planning applications comply with WDC policies and requirements and take into account the conservation area character surveys issued by the district council and the Chilterns Buildings Design Guide issued by the Chilterns Conservation Board.

Planning applications can be found here.

Other activities affecting Turville residents dealt with by the Buckinghamshire Council are education, roads and social care.

Click here for County Council Services. Click here local schools and catchment areas.

UK and European Parliaments

Turville is part of the Wycombe parliamentary constituency whose member of Parliament is Emma Reynolds.