On Street Parking Restrictions to be Reintroduced across Buckinghamshire

Press Release from Buckinghamshire Council

(Revised: to make it clearer that both on-street pay and display and car parks remain free of charge for the time being)

With the re-opening many shops and businesses on Monday 15 June, road traffic will increase and Buckinghamshire Council will reinstate all of the on-street parking restrictions that were relaxed on 27 March to give key workers easier access to essential services during the coronavirus crisis. Parking enforcement on single yellow lines, limited waiting areas, and residents’ bays will recommence from next Monday.

David Martin, Buckinghamshire Council Cabinet Member for Logistics, said: “Drivers across the county have acted very responsibly over recent weeks whilst on-street parking restrictions have been relaxed. However, with our high streets re-opening and the likelihood of a significant increase in the number of vehicles on the roads, it is necessary to reinstate all parking restrictions from Monday 15 June.

“Enforcement officers will ensure that drivers abide by parking restrictions on our high streets and residential areas; keeping them safer for all road users; and ensuring access for delivery vehicles and emergency services.

“On-street pay and display parking and at all 84 Buckinghamshire Council car parks (except country parks) will remain free of charge for a short while longer; and I encourage anyone who has to drive and park, to make use of them.

“As a council, we have made every effort during the last few weeks to support residents in a variety of ways and will continue to do so. If any residents have concerns about parking as we recommence enforcement, please contact: transportforbuckinghamshire@nsl.co.uk or parkingqueries@buckinghamshire.gov.uk or call 0343 208 5544.”


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