Broadband in the Parish

At the January Turville Parish Council meeting the Chair of Fawley Parish meeting discussed the opportunity for Fibre to the Property broadband. This is currently on hold, BT Openreach are not accepting any new builds whilst awaiting instruction from central Government which is due in April. The Parish Council have been told about a new method of obtaining broadband called Starlink. It is satellite broadband but much improved from older systems. Starlink have launched in excess of 1000 low orbit satellites to make broadband of 50 -150mbps available to hard to reach places. They are currently rolling out beta testing with customers, and one can register interest on the site now. Pricing is not be cheap, £89 per month. There is also an equipment cost of £439.00 and shipping cost of £54.00 for the devices according to the website. Starlink will be targeting Henley on Thames for a service in mid to late of this year.

Please note that the Parish Council are not endorsing this product and have no further knowledge of it, any would advise anyone interested to carry out research before hand.

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