Chalgrove and Watlington Pharmacies – Delivery Service

The Parish Council have been told of a new service being offered by Chalgrove and Watlington Pharmacies, who are to start local deliveries of prescriptions.

They found during the pandemic that there are quite a few people, especially in hamlets who have difficulty getting into one of the pharmacies.

So, from 1st November Chalgrove and Watlington pharmacies are getting a van and a driver and will deliver. There is an electric van on order, but they are taking a while to come at the moment!

Please bear in mind the pharmacies themselves are meeting the cost (not the NHS), so whilst they will deliver to anyone who asks, they are hoping that demand will be from those who really need the service.

Clicking on either pharmacy name above will take you to contact details to discuss if this is a service you would like to use.

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